Hello, I am Neil Roeth. Gathered here are various items of interest to me, and I hope to you. Enjoy.


A+ is a programming language I used for years at Morgan Stanley. It was released as Open Source software in January, 2001. I created the Debian packages of it.


Debian GNU/Linux rules!

Cars and Racing

SAABs rule! PRO Rally rules!

Philosophy, Economics, Politics and Religion

Occam's Razor, Objectivism, The Jefferson School, Classical Economics


I am currently employed at Wachovia. However, I am always interested in hearing about interesting opportunites. If you are interested in hiring an experienced software developer, let me know () and I will give you the username and password to look at my resume. I am most interested in developing on Unix/Linux platforms using Java, C++, A+, C, SQL, Scheme, etc. and in leading teams of developers. My professional experience has been in finance, and my education was in physics (PhD).

Random and Deterministic Thoughts

Miscellaneous musings that do not fit into the other categories.