Phil, Econ, Pol & Rel


I am very interested in philosophy (specifically Objectivism), classical economics, politics (mostly from a legal and ethical perspective), and religion (from an atheist perspective).

Occam's Razor

Occam's Razor is a principle I try to apply to practically all aspects of my life. It states, "plurality should not be posited without necessity". In other words, as simple as possible, but no simpler. I apply this to computer programming to write simple, elegant programs that are correct, to my race car that is stripped of all equipment not absolutely necessary for racing, etc.


Objectivism is the philosophy that Ayn Rand laid out in her fiction and non-fiction works. My metaphysics is consistent with it, as well as my ethics and my economics (though I find myself going to von Mises and Reisman for hard-core economics reading).

I do not admire the people at the Ayn Rand Institute (ARI) and it is a shame that Ayn Rand's works are owned by it. Though some of what the top people there (Peikoff, Binswanger, Schwartz) have personally contributed is good, much of it is not. In particular, I think Schwartz is an idiot, though he has the redeeming virtue that he appears to support himself via his bookselling business. I don't believe Peikoff or Binswanger is fully self supporting, i.e., I think they survive on income from ARI. That is certainly their right, but their thoughts on capitalism seem rather academic coming from people who do not actually trade their labor for money.

The most damning action on their part was their treatment of George Reisman and Edith Packer. Basically, they had a disagreement, threw them out of ARI, and then decided their contributions to Objectivism were worthless. This latter action is completely irrational. It's as if someone disagreed with Ayn Rand over whether New York was a good place to live in, and on the basis of that decided her philosophy was wrong. Nonsense like this doesn't stop them from getting support from lots of Objectivists. Sadly, they and their followers do not help dispell the notion that Objectivism is a cult.

For Objectivists who understand Objectivism well, lecture on aspects of it, and are successful, self supporting professionals, see George Reisman and Edith Packer of The Jefferson School. Also, buy George Reisman's book Capitalism: A Treatise on Economics for an outstanding, detailed explanation of that economic system.


The Jefferson School of Philosphy, Economics, and Psychology - a great site run by Dr. George Reisman and Dr. Edith Packer.

Ludwig von Mises Institute - many von Mises books are online.